Farimon Energy provides project and engineering services with its superior service policy for long-lasting projects. With its expert and competent engineer staff and application team, it carries out the most qualified works for the complete success of the Project & Application items.

Services offered at the time of application:

• Provision of suitable land for customer needs
• Establishment of project size with subscription, creation and provision of new subscription
• Preparation of single line diagrams
• Preparation of project application file

The energy produced from solar energy panels to be installed on the roof is the best source that not only reduces your electricity bills, but also contributes to the environment and the national economy.


Energy efficiency is to minimise the amount of energy consumed without compromising comfort conditions, performance, production quality and quantity. Energy saving is; aims to reduce the amount of energy consumption by sacrificing some of these factors. The biggest step that can be taken in energy efficiency is to turn to systems where we can produce the electricity we need ourselves. Thanks to Solar Energy Systems, it is possible to generate our own electricity in our home, workplace, hotel or production facility.
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