Farimon Energy provides an integrated service with the activities in different fields of the energy sector by signing turnkey projects in the energy market at the point of using Turkey's domestic and renewable energy resources at the most efficient level, contributing to the national economy and producing the energy needed for a sustainable life without any problems through renewable energy resources.

Farimon Energy, which continues its existence as an important player in the solar energy market with its distributed network management experience and product supply competencies within the scope of EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) services, brings a breath of fresh air to the sector by offering a different perspective and innovative solutions to the energy sector. With its experience in construction and telecommunications, Farimon Energy provides high standard and high quality production in field application, procurement and maintenance and operation areas with its uncompromising service understanding in all projects. Achieving 100% customer satisfaction stands out as the most basic company policy.

In order to encourage the use of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, Farimon Energy prepares feasibility, BP, loan documentation for loan applications in accordance with the customer profile and legislation for all individual or corporate investors and offers engineering solutions produced with renewable energy sources against the resource problem. Farimon Energy, which continues to work for a more livable world and future without slowing down, continues to work with all its strength to bequeath a sustainable life to the future with renewable energy sources by helping to provide the energy needed from uninterrupted, reliable and clean energy sources.